The NYC Circle

Our circle is wide, deep, and diverse.  As an introduction, consider the four major waves (or four decades) of faery community building in NYC:
  • In 1979, the NYC cirlce of radical faeries was called (here described by Murray). That wave formed a tight community of faery men around ritual, drumming, heart cirlces, and a monthly newsletter. First wave faeries tend to gather at Blue Herron Farm (far upstate NY) on Labor Day and were described in the book My First Saturnalia by Michael Rumaker.
  • The second wave of NYC faeries came into our circle in the late 1980s and widened their reach from their lofts to sanctuaries across the country. This wave organized the FAGtasia/Faerie Action Gatherings in the city, Faerie Camp Destiny, and NYC's (dis)Order of Perpetual Indulgence.
  • Third wave NYC faeries (1999 to 2009) remember Gay Shame, Kiki and Herb, the NYC issue of RFD, a progression of faery newsletters and communal loft spaces, and the loss of urban gathering space as long time loft-dwellers moved further apart in the city.
  • The fourth wave (post 2009) of NYC faeries organize online to create community and started the Faery Coffee Klatch as a monthly tradition.

Recurring Traditions:
  • Beltaine ritual is May 1 at Le Petit Versailles Community Garden, 346 East Houston St.
  • Drag March starts the Friday evening of pride weekend at the St Marks Place entrance to Tompkins Sq Park and marches to Stonewall Place. There is traditionally a drumb circle following the parade on Pride day, and a number of faeries participate in the dyke march.
  • MIX Queer Experimental Film Festival is a faery-friendly weeklong extravaganza in late fall (
  • Yule is a major ceremony and potluck around winter solstice at Grace Chruch Van Vorst in Jersey City
  • Faerie Coffee Klatch, happens each astrological month (or when there is a lack of faery happenings within subway distance) & posted online

Local radical faerie resources:
Subpages (1): Murray